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1. Yoga Practice for a Modern World

How to get on the mat and stay there

Unroll your mat today and do something utterly different. Call it yoga because it is but make it unlike your usual yoga routine. If you can find 30 minutes my suggestion is this Kundalini kriya as follows:

Kriya for self-love and to open your heart

Lay on the mat in Sivasan (corpse pose) and simply allow the breath.  Prepare . . .

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August 15, 2016

1. The Barbados Papers

In search of a golden sun

The Barbados Papers is a memoir that I have not waited 50 years to write. Rather 99 days since I succeeded without drama in getting way too much baggage onto a one-way Virgin Atlantic flight home. God bless the black Bajan woman at Virgin who checked me in. She looked at me with interest and asked if I was a . . .

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August 14, 2016

1. Reflections on a Gift of India

The writer in full sight

My blog title 'Reflections on a Gift of India' is deliberate and for me the meaning is profound.  I am not sure if poets are born or made but I know my early exposure to the modern poetic world helped.

I went to an alternative school in Toronto, Canada and we had alternative course material all of which was perhaps divined by some . . .

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August 13, 2016


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